Well I never ever thought I'd have to be asking people for money to save children's lives but here I am…..

Last October, 2015 when I gave my last Carnegie Hall Concert. Many of you after hearing James Kofi Annan speak about his experiences having been a child slave for 7 years and starting his organization www.challengingheights.org of which I'm heavily involved with in the rescuing of trafficked children. Many of you personally came up to me and asked how can you get involved, how can you help, what can you do? Well now is the time to step up to the plate and help me save some lives! Having recently returned from Ghana and firsthand witnessing the plight of trafficked children both boys and girls. The images and experiences are things that no one should have to see and let alone a child have to ever experience and live through.
The cost of a trafficked child is $20. So every time you go and eat lunch a little boy has just been bought for slave labor. Every time you go and see a movie a girl has been sold into the sex trade. I saw two girls ages 12-13 sitting on a dirty stone step holding hands trembling waiting to be trafficked for the sex trade for $40. I saw boys as young as 4 years old waiting to be trafficked for slave labor for $20 each. If I really wanted to shock you I could churn your stomachs but what's the point. My point has been made I hope. Challenging Heights is one of the leading organizations in West Africa for the rescue and rehabilitation of trafficked children but in order for it to continue it needs donations from people like you. Unfortunately most of the money is spent on shelters, prevention, education and rehabilitation. 
The rescuing part is the hard part and requires people like myself to go into dangerous places and get them out. We are planning the next mission but in order to do it we need $15,000 dollars. A team of 12 people spend 2 weeks on Lake Volta, Ghana going up and down the reservoir day after day looking for children. Estimates put the number at 20,000 trafficked children working in slave labor and the sex trade on Lake Volta. $15,000 to save children's lives. How much is your child's life worth? A helluva lot more than $15,000 because there is no price big enough. How many can we get out you might ask? On average a two week mission anywhere between 15-20 children. Nobody gets paid to do this work we do it because its the human and right thing to do. So I implore you to help me save some lives and do some good. Whether its $50, $100 or $1,000 dollars and it's tax deductible. $15,000 dollars is the number to help me save some children's lives. 

The Project: Remember this is just to save 15-20 children's lives from modern day slavery. It doesn't end there it really just begins because their education, rehabilitation, psycho-social care, reintegration with their families etc all costs money. And its people like you that make this possible with donations. Ask yourself how much your child is worth, there is no price big enough. So lets give these children a small chance to a better life. Some of them could be our future leaders....

You can write the check out to Challenging Heights and just at the bottom write Vincent Lyn Rescue.

Checks can be mailed to:
Challenging Heights
PO Box 68213
Grand Rapids, MI 49516
But the easiest way is to go direct to this link and pay online:

Vincent Lyn Rescue & Recovery Project