A Brief History of Kung Fu




"Kung-fu" means, literally "skill" or "ability", no matter whether the talent is possessed by an artist, warrior, laborer, or even a lowly scribe. Although designed as a means of self-defense, the martial arts were also created as a way of harnessing inner energy to achieve balance and harmony. When people find their places in the world both mentally and physically, they attain their greatest happiness. Kung-fu was created as a path to that excellence, resulting in supra-human ability - that is, the optimum strength and reason a human being can accomplish.

The three main types of modern kung-fu are for fighting, show, or health. Classic kung-fu styles are mostly divided by geography or clan, but each region of family's style was designed to bring out the best those people could realize. Each sought, in his or her own manner, "Tao," which means "The Way". Achieving harmony and the correct flow of existence with Tao requires achieving harmony within one's self.

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 "A" List High Profile Personal Instruction

Prof. Sifu Lyn is currently giving personal instruction in TriBeCa, NYC:

Kung-fu, Tai Chi and Qi Gong

Crime Survival - Knife Survival - Gun Disarming - Personal Security - Threat Assessment






Sifu Lyn is also teaching classes:

703 Hope Street, Stamford, CT, 06906

Group classes are held every Wednesday. Class schedule is as follows:

Tai Chi  -  5.20-6.30pm

Kung fu  - 6.35-8.00pm

Class Fees: $140 per month which is due at the beginning of every month. Accept Cash Only!


Private Instruction: $300 per hour

Please contact me to make an appointment.

Email: linggarlyn@gmail.com

Tel: 203-561-0153



Important Information

All students should have a clearly defined understanding of Kung-fu training.

The following are 7 requirements for becoming a more proficient practitioner of a Martial Art:

1. Have faith in your style of Martial Arts. Without a steady belief in your system, interest will diminish and mastery will not achieved.


2. Respect your chosen master, who has sincerely accepted you as a student. Recognize hi knowledge and ability as being most worthy of emulation


3. Concentrate during training. A strong discipline will result along with a more rapid mastery of the Art. A close mental concentration will intensify physical strength.


4. Cultivate patience during training. Your goal will be reached in good time with proper application. A calm endurance and self-possession will also aid in the resistance of any potential provocation.


5. Practice Co-Ordination during training. The ability to move with a more harmonious and instantaneous adjustment to any situation will provide a more immediate mastery of the Art.


6. Practice as much as possible, not only in the training hall but at home. Every hour of practice will deepen and solidify your basic foundation to prepare for a higher level of training consistent practical performance or application of knowledge leads to certain proficiency.


7. Acquire confidence in yourself through your Art. This state of mind implies a cool self-reliance under any circumstances. It offers the assurance of poise and imperturbability in the face of any danger.




"Where Mind & Body Unite"

As always stay safe out there!


Prof. Sifu Lyn









Sifu Vincent Lyn performing Wudang Tai Chi - Zhang San Feng




at the 15th Annual World Tai Chi Day in Central Park, NYC. 2014





Click here to watch his performance









Click here to see Sifu Vincent Lyn performing Wudang Tai Chi - Chan san Feng at the December, 2014 World Traditional Kung Fu Championships in Rome, Italy





Click here to see Wudang Tai Chi Chuan with Shifu Vincent Lyn at the Shaolin Wu Xiao School in Senden/Germany